1. Will Forte talks about the friendships he has with his SNL co-stars

  2. Will Forte and Daniel Schechter on The Adam Carolla Show 

  3. Here’s a clip of Will Forte and Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming movie “Life of Crime.” You can buy the movie on iTunes this Friday!

  4. Growing up in Northern California, Forte never imagined he’d pursue a career in show business. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in history and planned to become a financial broker like his father.

    But then Forte went to work at a brokerage house for a year and almost instantly understood that pushing a pencil wasn’t for him.

    “It was a horrible experience in that I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me,” he recalled. “But there were some nice people I got to work with so it wasn’t that horrible. But it was tough waking up every morning with that heaviness.”

    As soon as Forte joined the improv comedy group the Groundlings, he felt renewed.

    “I understood it was the right thing for me even if I never found any degree of success doing it,” said the actor. “When I was in the theater and up on that stage, it just made me feel so good. I knew it was my thing.”

    — http://www.pottsmerc.com/arts-and-entertainment/20131115/will-forte-has-found-a-new-forte

  5. After commenting that I loved comedic actors in dramatic roles because of their sense of timing, I asked Forte if he approached the role differently than a comedy. He responded that he does what he always does, “try to play a real person.” The difficult part was choosing how to hit the beats, how to use his instincts. He found himself asking himself “Should I hit the comedic, funny beat, because I know I can, or should I hit it like someone without that ability…or like someone [a non comedian] who has comedic timing, who is funny…?” He went on to hope that he was successful, and we assured him he was. There were plenty of both quietly and laugh out loud funny moments, as well as many moments of moving contemplation on the end of life (and the beginning and the middle)

  6. Happy Birthday to one of Will’s closest friends and frequent co-star: Kristen Wiig!!! Here’s one of their finest moments together. From MacGruber, this is “I Like Holes”

  7. Throwback Thursday: This throwback pic of Will is too adorable!

    Throwback Thursday: This throwback pic of Will is too adorable!

  8. thedissolve:

    “To MacGruber partisans, the film’s unfathomable origins were a significant part of its charm. In a world where seemingly every decision in Hollywood is motivated purely by its impact on the bottom line, MacGruber stands out by defying every rational commercial impulse. No studio executive alive (or at least employed) would request a soundtrack with so much terrible 1980s music, or a hero this shallow and despicable. Whatever your personal opinion of it, it’s hard to dispute that Taccone’s direction, Forte’s performance, a wildly unpredictable script, and a general go-for-broke attitude all make MacGruber unique. Good or bad, it’s no factory product.”

    Our Movie Of The Week coverage of MacGruber kicks off with Matt Singer’s Keynote essay on how the very qualities that made the film a massive box-office failure have contributed to its reconsideration as a cult film in the making. Classic MacGruber. [Read more…]

  9. VH1 Classic is currently airing Will’s first episode of SNL. He’s barely in it, but it’s so ironic to hear Don Pardo say Will’s name for the first time when Don just passed away not even 24 hours ago. It’s like, even though he’s gone, his voice will always live on

  10. Last night, we lost a piece of Saturday Night Live history. Don Pardo, you will be greatly missed and your voice will live on.  To remember him, here is the SNL cast celebrating Don’s 90th birthday back in season 34